Приветствуем вас в пресс-центре NAUKA!
Welcome to the NAUKA Press Center!

NAUKA was created by several specialists in the distant 1991, when computers were large. Since then they have become thinner and the company NAUKA itself has become big!

Despite starting small we:

  • have created the first fiber-optic network at oil factories in Russia,
  • have developed the first Russian system of material balance of the enterprise,
  • have wrote dozens of scientific papers on our own department at the Technological University,
  • have created own systems of electronic document management, industrial audit and integrated assessment of production efficiency,
  • have implemented hundreds of software solutions to manage production, finance, construction and maintenance.

Here, in the press center, we will share the company’s news and useful articles about the world of information technology. Read us, share our posts in social networks!



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