Большие гонки: летний корпоратив NAUKA
The big race: NAUKA’s summer corporate party

NAUKA had a bright celebration near Lake Ladoga. It was different from other corporate events – this time we built racing cars and tested them ourselves!

The teams were in a fighting mood from the very beginning of the adventure in “Dragunskiy Ruchey”:

The number of the company’s specialists was enough to form ten “design bureaus”. Each “bureau” had their own ideas about the ideal bolide, but they had to be developed using identical frames and wheels:

Plywood, cardboard, scotch tape, paper and paints helped to achieve variety in the design of cars. These supplies had to be earned in the tuning studio by performing tasks that strengthen body and spirit:

Just a couple of hours of mental and physical work for pleasure – and the masterpieces of design thought were ready! The bravest ones volunteered to become drivers of the bolides:

And finally, the racers took pole position on the starting line:

The referee has given a signal with a flag – big race has begun!

All the pilots reached the finish line …

… but not without spectacular accidents.

The winners were awarded with champagne!

After the finish, all ten “design bureaus” became one again, and the friendship within NAUKA became even stronger! It was definitely worth celebrating!

Thank you, dear colleagues, for your emotions, smiles and a competitive spirit! How wonderful that we are together!


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