Development of any business is only possible given thorough understanding of one’s market positioning, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, effective information management and timely tasking. Our company knows how to implement ECM to optimize business-processes with open-ended solutions which allow for future business development based on our electronic platform – NAUKA.

Based upon your needs our company custom selects your electronic system’s ECM, conducts implementation and, if needed, oversees the customized system.

Our experience in implementing major brand ECM systems makes us well aware of their advantages and disadvantages. This has allowed us to develop our own ECM “NAUKA” which combines the best existing approaches and a suite of unique in-house solutions designed by our engineers. It features the best and most time-tested solutions as well as new open-ended capabilities for future developments.

NAUKA values your time. Our professionals have developed a quick and efficient system for intercorporate documents exchange which are individually encrypted and backed by an electronic signature.

Workflow transparency

Increased workflow transparency is achieved as a result of streamlined documentation movement in accordance with the business processes.

Timeframe discipline

High timeframe discipline is secured through timely control of select high-volume data analysis.

Refined control management

The process of building your ECM is essentially digitizing your business-processes, after they have been analyzed and optimized.

Regular monitoring procedures guarantee up-to- date KPI for each actor or process accompanied by statistical and analytical reports.

Intuitive and visually ergonomic interface allows for increased efficiency.

Orderliness once and forever

Universal rules for document storage and access.

Reliable document flow without delay or loss.

Safety and security

Rules for document storage and access secure a safe and reliable digital work environment.


Prompt document creation.

Prompt procedures for checking and approval.

Fast execution.

Universal information environment

Users operate inside a common environment allowing access to company data of any kind: documents, reports, educational and other
materials, as well as access to third-party digital data located outside the home system.

Why us


We make better stuff

We implement the best ECM system in the world. We offer the best solutions available on the market in a custom fashion which fits the clients’ unique profile.

Адаптация (пазл)

Customized approach

We study your business processes on the basis of which we build an optimized system, charting the most streamlined document flow. We offer additional modules for broader functionality.


Building upon our own

Building upon the industry’s best standards, we design solutions on
our own proprietary ECM platform.


We implement versatile solutions

We write code which integrates into existing systems. We gather
statistics for ongoing analytical reports.


Visual and Logical ergonomics

Moving to ECM is done in separate stages. At each stage the staff is trained and inquired about desirable adjustments for ease of use.


Warranty support

We guarantee successful ECM implementation. We monitor your systems work through the entire warranty period.

Technical audit

Basics for successful implementation

  • Top-down personal individual involvement and feedback;
  • Deadline management;
  • Structured prioritizing;
  • Vertically-integrated control procedures for top managers;
  • Generating of reports for top management within deadline limits;

  • Внедрение и эксплуатация EMC Documentum
    Платформа: EMC Documentum 6.7;
    Стадия: Промышленная эксплуатация;
    Количество пользователей: 1000

Product choice

Implementing ECM begins with a choice

Universal “out-of- the-box” system

standard set of functions;

limited customizability;

+ fast implementation;

+ relatively low cost;

need to purchase license for every
additional user

Custom-built system

+ personal approach;


high cost of development;

+ individual training;

Mixed system

+ base platform for which additional custom modules are designed;

+ full matching of enterprise’s needs;

+ comparatively low time spent on
development and implementation;

+ ease of use;


Further advantages

  • Authorized access control
  • Customizable remote access
  • Customizable route setting for document flow
  • Meta data document builder
  • “Process types” library
  • Ease of integration with other systems
  • Fast implementation
  • Secure data exchange between business partners


Intercorporate ECM

Intercorporate exchange of sensitive and legal-bearing documentation.

Advantages of intercorporate ECM

  • Standardization of common business processes on a new level;
  • Cost optimization, fast document exchange;
  • Efficiency in document handling;
  • Lower risk of document loss;
  • Control over document integrity. Defense against document tampering;
  • Reduced filing time and error protection;
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