Information support of construction processes during all stages, from planning and survey to commissioning.

Real-time complex digital mapping of engineering infrastructures and networked facilities.

Creating digital models and manuals of commercial facilities, buildings, plant equipment and pipelines.

End-result effects
Long-term planning

All-in- one system for planning:

  • Project research work
  • Construction planning and organization
  • Materials and technical procurement
  • Construction and installment work

Future projection predictability!

Document flow control

Common informational environment for planners, vendors and builders.

Real-time precision monitoring of changes in workflow documentation and control over construction processes during all stages.

Precise deadline management

Exact planning based upon blueprint analysis of expenditures.

Construction and maintenance project management control.

Timely supply
  • Timely supplies delivery planning.
  • Minimizing downtime.
  • Minimizing storage space.
Transparency of processes

Optimal involvement of project teams.

Unified, standardized information update system.


Investment-portfolio management.

Detailed expenditure analysis.

Integration with initial accounting data.

Timely scheduling

Workflow control:

  • Confirmation of actual supply volumes.
  • Control of leftover materials and supplies
  • Quality control
  • Real-time technical documentation update.
Digital manuals

Real-time virtual facilities modeling – basis for technical support maintenance.

  • Increase of readiness coefficient up to 20%
  • Lower cost of rental equipment up to 40%
  • Reduction of short-order materials supplies by 30%
Safety and reliability

Full compliance national and international standard (ISO, ГОСТ)

Reduction of non-planned maintenance by 80 %

Reduction of emergency work by 30 %

Reduction of work hazard by half

Cost analysis

Efficient materials management

Project parts estimate

Recalculation of updated prices

Why us



Our staff have
wide range of experience designing automated
systems for construction projects in different



We organize
multilevel interaction between engineers,
workers, vendors and staff, including “on
site” communication.



Thousands of
users rely on our systems for their day-to-day performance in many different industries.



We design tailor-
made transparent processes keeping in mind the uniqueness of each business model we encounter.



Our company
specialists offer the latest and most advanced IT solutions available.


implementation and support

management implantation is possible at all
stages – planning, construction, operation.



We guarantee
uninterrupted and safe data exchange between existing systems and our new improvements.


Modular design

Use only the set of
facilities you need. Choose your modules and we
will assemble your unique system.

Commercial and industrial construction management

Your entire development process – up on your screen.

Real-time access to information for all parties involved in the construction process: client, general contractor, subcontractors.
Management control over the full spectrum of processes: financial accounting, human resources, materials management etc.
Comprehensive, uninterrupted system analysis secures transparency and efficiency of the construction process.



Creating with competence
Combining the experience of construction engineers, designers, financiers, economists and programmers we have created a complex
information system which allows for not only the monitoring of the process but its control as well. The system secures full transparency
of the interactive processes of planning, budgeting, procurement, supply and execution. Constant monitoring and tracking of workflow
documentation and its updates. Manageability of the construction project is guaranteed by the following factors:
  • strict compliance with standards and codes
  • timely control over unplanned project changes
  • automated, line-by- line electronic record of workflow documentation
  • streamlined process of continuous workflow planning involving clients and subcontractors
  • рdevelopment of internal regulations for interactions between clients, planners, subcontractors and suppliers
  • cost accounting measured against initial financial investment targets
  • analysis of project stages completion: physically onsite and in financial terms
  • сavailability of all necessary analytical reporting


For those who build to own

Our broad experience in large-scale construction IT support has compiled an ever-growing a knowledge base of solutions and methods.
Our solutions can be made to fit any construction project, including hi-tech, extreme conditions, hazardous risk as well as projects which
require uninterruptable work cycle mode.

Maintenance control and technical management

Extending capabilities

Smart and timely prophylactic maintenance guarantees accident-free performance. We offer a software solution for support of the following types of industrial facilities:

  • technological, mechanical, ventilation equipment and systems
  • technological and communications pipelines
  • administrative and production facilities
  • engineering equipment and networks
The functionality of our product allows for:
  • equipment maintenance planning and life-cycle prediction for individual nodes
  • monitoring of results in the periodic testing of production
  • compiling maintenance documentation (defects management);
  • procurement and supply of materials and spare parts according to in-storage availability and/or maintenance documentation;
  • planning and budgeting of upcoming maintenance;
Digital manuals for technical facilities
The electronic manual is a digital model of the technical facility which combines all information collected during its construction and maintenance. It contains all data (including changes) from the technical passports of equipment manufacturers, engineering decisions, technical communications blueprints. The availability of a digital manual is the basis for assessment of the ways and means needed for guaranteeing safe and accident-free operation.


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